21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand I 2018 Updated List

Most of us are incredibly bored of spending our weekends at home alone. But we don’t always have to. There are ways and apps through which everyone can get a one night stand. Hookup Apps are fantastic. There are no feelings involved; there is just sex. We are sharing top 21 Hookup applications or you can for sure call them One Night Stand apps. There has to be a more natural way. Well, I am here to save you. Here is a list of top 21 Best Hookup Apps Free for one night stands! These are the best apps that you can install and use to find yourself a one night stand.

Tinder – Best of the Best Hookup Apps

Tinder -21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand - HookUp Apps

Tinder -> 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand

At First, It is the best known among all hookup apps out there. Tinder is entirely on location. Once you have made an account, you can find various partners depending on your preference.

It is location based so you will see people who are near you. It has as swipe left or right system. If you swipe right, you “like” the person and they swipe right on your profile too, you will match. Once you have a match, you may proceed to text that person.

The app is simple and has a very clean interface and the free nature of the app allows it a rightful place on the top 21 best hookup apps open for one-night stand list.


Blendr - 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand - HookUp Apps

This app is less extreme compared to the others on this top 21 one night stand apps list. This app is not precisely for hookups, but you can find hookups easily. It is not very popular but manages to stand out from the crowd due to excellent and cute features. The best part is that it has a vast number of female users. Females very widely use it.

However, there is a limited number of people you can match with, a little similar to tinder. At first, you will be able to match to mutuals on Facebook. It allows you to match with Facebook friends or mutuals. It is not based on location, unlike Tinder. Coffee meets bagel does super well compared to the other one night stand apps on this list.


Bae - 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand - HookUp Apps

HighThere is my favorite on my list of Best Hookup Apps. This app is the one night stand app for stoners. Stoner has their own unique culture, and now they have a hookup app as well. If you are a stoner, HighThere is the app for you.

You can find one night stands which cater to your group and culture. HighThere features the usual generic features that other dating apps have. It is on this list because of the different targeting. So if you like hash, get up on this and find yourself a beautiful one night stand!

Truly Madly

TrulyMadly - 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand - HookUp Apps

TrulyMadly -> 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand

In the series of Best Hookup Apps Truly Madly targets the Indian community. Not many people know about Truly Madly. Truly Madly is a very new app and is created in India. Right now, it seems to be destroying the opposition. So, it looks like it could very well replace Tinder too. Truly Madly has verified profiles, so you know the person you are talking to is 100% real. It surely is a worthy hookup app for having fun.

Often times there are bots on these dating sites. The advanced algorithm allows you to take power and browse who you like. So, Truly Madly is an ideal app for hooking up for one-night stands. Once you are verified and active, you can browse through one-night stand partners.

Truly Madly has an amazing UI and tons of features that tinder lacks, and you can be protected against fake profiles as well. For these amazing features, Truly Madly finds a spot on the top one night stand apps list.

Dil Mil

Dill Mill - 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand - HookUp Apps

Dill Mill -> 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand

DilMil is another hookup app from India. It is similar to Truly Madly. It is pretty easy to find one night stands using DilMil. The algorithm is pretty good, and all the profiles on the site are original. It allows you to find your hook up and enjoy. Dil Mil makes for an excellent hookup site.

It has Tinder’s swipe like features employed. So once you find that fantastic partner, make sure you swipe right and match. Then you can chat and get ready for that one night stand. DilMil is fantastic and simple enough and thus belongs on the list of top one-night stand apps.


It is another big name on this list of hookup apps, but It is pretty unique. OkCupid has fantastic features for you to find your one-night stand match. OkCupid allows you to see any hookup. A one night stand, a relationship, for sex. The best part is, it is 100% free, it does not charge anything, unlike many apps on this list.

OKCUPID is probably the best website to find your one night stand. It is brimming with people, and that is why it is on my list of top 21 hookup sites. What are you waiting for? Head to OkCupid and get busy! 😉

Adult Friend Finder Mobile

Adult Friend Finder - 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand - HookUp Apps

Adult Friend Finder -> 21 Best Hookup Apps for One Night Stand

Adult Friend Finder holds a very special place on my list of Best Hookup Apps. I do not have to introduce Adult Friend Finder to you. It is the most iconic website for hookups ever devised. But Adult Friend Finder has all the features the other apps have plus more. You can set preferences and even enjoy webcam shows!

AdultFriendFinder hookup app is very well made and functions without any problems. AdultFriendFinder app combines adult entertainment along with hookup features perfectly. That is why this app is irreplaceable on the list of top 21 free one night stands.


TasteBuds earns a position on my list of Best Hookup Apps. It has a straightforward and unique method to match people. So, to pair with someone, you need to have a similar taste in music. If your music tastes match, then you will match with the person.

Tastebud takes your music preference in mind before matching you with people. This is a unique method because it makes sure that the person you match with is compatible with you. So go on, this app is amazing to match a one night stand.


Sapio deserves to be on my list of Best Hookup Apps as it has very promising features. If you are reading our list of top 21 free one-night stand apps, chances are, you are pretty smart. Smart people are always looking to bang other intelligent people and nobody wants bimbos.

Sapio simply solves that problem by matching you with sapiosexuals. People who find intelligence hot. This is an ideal app for you if you are a nerd. Finally, from it, you can find yourself a one night stand and enjoy your weekend break away!


Align takes the cake for being the coolest app on this list of Best Hookup Apps. Unlike the other apps, it doesn’t match you based on location or preferences. As it goes right ahead and matches you with people according to your star signs!

That is pretty cool. But it could potentially limit the population of users you can pair with. Align positively belongs on this list for being super unique. The features make it an ideal addition to top 21 free one-night stand apps list.


Once earns the 21st position on my list of Best Hookup Apps. It has a comprehensive sign up a questionnaire that takes note of your exact preferences Once is very well developed and you can sign up right from Facebook. Afterward, the sleek and simple layout is easy to use for everyone.

Once is an amazing app and entirely ideal for one night stands. It takes our last spot on the top 21 free hookup apps list. Like other apps, it has some general features. But Once is still an amazing app to use.

Final Words

Among all these Hookup Apps you can not clearly tell which one is best. One should first check his needs and taste and then download any of these apps. One Night Stand apps are available for everyone but which one suits you that is your choice. All the best from my side. Enjoy and share this list of Hookup Apps with your friends.